Build Loyalty by Giving Your Hotel Guests Great WiFi.

Guest satisfaction and loyalty are top priorities for you. Achieving those goals includes delivering a strong, consistent WiFi experience. Consider the number of smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are used by guests who check-in to your hotel each day . Whether on vacation or on business, hotel guests expect to connect, stream, watch, download, work, and play without complication and without limit. To meet that high-speed WiFi demand, hotels are turning to NETGEAR for a one-stop answer:  an easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable WiFi infrastructure without the cost and complexity that often comes from larger wireless vendors.

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Adding a Customized Portal for Hotel Guests

Guests Refuse to Return to a Venue with Unreliable or Non-existent WiFi.

A third of leisure travellers and two-thirds of business guests refuse to return to a venue with unreliable or non-existent WiFi, a study by NETGEAR shows. New results uncovered in the study suggest that hospitality venues must pay more attention to guest WiFi needs, or risk losing business – whether for work or pleasure, customers expect to stay connected to their online world.

Read the press release for full results of the survey, or download our ‘WiFi in Hospitality’ infographic.

Turn a 1 Star Review Into a 5 Star Review.

For many hotels, existing WiFi solutions create a negative impact on guest satisfaction. Complaints about slow connection speeds and wireless performance problems are all too common. Wireless access is often shared with friends, and the lack of consistent, reliable access can damage the customer experience and hotel reputation. 

Along with general bandwidth and capacity shortcomings, a variety of other infrastructure issues can disrupt the customer WiFi experience. Access points that don’t coordinate for the best set of RF frequencies create unnecessary interference while inadequate support for seamless roaming causes connections to be dropped as guests move from one location to another.

The NETGEAR complete wireless solution is designed specifcally for Hotel applications. It includes Wireless Controllers and Smart Access Points that eliminate WiFi problems, providing seamless, wide-ranging, high-speed WiFi that’s easy to install, manage, and afford.   And NETGEAR offers a free site survey to help you assess what you need and get you started. The NETGEAR complete wireless solution includes:

  • Powerful Wireless Controllers
  • Smart Access Points 
  • Free Site Survey

See how NETGEAR® helped Best Western dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

Holidays Ruined as Hotels Still Fail to Grasp Customer WiFi Needs

A third of holiday makers will return from their longed-for break vowing never to return to the same hotel again – all because of unreliable or non-existent hotel WiFi. WiFi access on holiday is now a basic need. People away from home want to share their experience in real-time by sending or posting pictures and stories. Others want to keep a watching brief on what is happening back at the office. Hotels must wake up to this fact and take action.


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Your Hotel Operates on WiFi Too.


Slow networks are effecting hotel operations.


Fast, reliable WiFi is a bottom-line opportunity for hotel operations. With a well-tuned wireless network, hotel operators can shorten check-in wait times for guests with WiFi devices, increase food and beverage turn rate with WiFi point of sales, improve staff accessibility by providing voice over WiFi, and boost conference room booking rates by ensuring secure, no-fail, high-speed WiFi. The ability to handle hundreds of users in a small confined area such as a meeting room is a must to keep businesses and groups coming back. 

Download the High Density Design Guide and the Wireless Site Survey 

Upgrade the WiFi. Eliminate the Complexity.


Hotel operators know that high-performance WiFi is a must-have to maintain existing customers and attract new ones, but many lack the expertise to set up complex networking equipment.


NETGEAR wired and wireless solutions are designed with simplicity in mind. From powerful wireless controllers that provide easy, centralized control, to smart access points that can be installed in less than 5 minutes, NETGEAR wireless products and solutions enable hotels of all sizes to deliver a luxurious WiFi experience to their guests. Quickly, easily, and affordably.

Watch these videos to see how quickly you can get NETGEAR Wireless Controllers up and running.